January 27, 2021

Covid-19 : Understanding about Coronavirus

Covid-19 Symptoms

If you are not feeling well, but not sure if it is Covid-19 infection, or just a cold, or common flu, check out below:

Some symptoms are more frequently seen than others. Based on confirmed cases, the WHO says 88 percent of infected people experienced a fever and 67.7 percent had a dry cough. Less frequent symptoms include thick mucus from coughs (sputum) (33.4 percent), shortness of breath (18.6 percent), sore throat (13.9 percent), and headache (13.6 percent).

“Covid-19 disease usually begins with mild fever, dry cough, sore throat and malaise,” writes Megan Murray, a professor of epidemiology at Harvard Medical School, in an FAQ for the Abundance Foundation. “Unlike the coronavirus infections that cause the common cold, it is not usually associated with a runny nose.”

These symptoms emerge five or six days after infection on average, but can show up in as little as a day or as much as two weeks after exposure.

Chart from 7news.com.au

If you suspect you may have infected with Covid-19, you are advise to first phone or email the health ministry’s crisis centre before undergoing screening tests for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The MMA said this was necessary to find out whether the individual may be a Person Under Investigation (PUI) for the disease.

The health ministry’s Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre has hotlines at 03-8881 0200, 03-8881 0600 and 03-8881 0700. The email address is: cprc@moh.gov.my