January 28, 2021

Covid-19 : Understanding about Coronavirus

Three doctors die of Covid-19 in Indonesia, 23 health officers infected

JAKARTA: Three doctors have died of Covid-19 (coronavirus) infection in Indonesia, and 23 health workers have been infected by the virus, officials said on Sunday (March 22).

The Indonesian government’s spokesman for Covid-19-related matters Achmad Yurianto said the government was concerned by deaths of the doctors.

“The government expresses a deep concern over the fact that medical workers fall victims of the Covid-19 virus,” he told a press conference.

As of Sunday, the Covid-19 virus has killed 48 people across Indonesia with the total cases surging to 514, Yurianto said.

Only 29 out of the infected persons have recovered so far, he said.

The doctors were from Jakarta and its outskirt cities of Bogor and Bekasi both in West Java province.

They had got medical treatment in two hospitals in the capital, media reported on Sunday.

Meanwhile, head of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) Daeng M. Faqih said at least 23 health workers have contracted the novel coronavirus.

“The cause is the minimum supply of health equipment to protect them,” he said on Saturday evening.

Many hospitals do not provide protective equipment for health workers, but they must keep working during the outbreak, according to Faqih.

– Xinhua/Asian News Network